Terms & Conditions

PATRICIA and the Contractor, it was agreed that:

All booking online after 20h on the same day cannot be registered

The residence Patricia make available to the host as part of these terms of sale, fully furnished and equipped, for the exclusive use of temporary housing without authorization debit apartment.


Arrival is possible from 16:00 and check-out is before 10:00. Taking possession of the apartment is full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this contract.

All rent is payable at the end of the stay under one or more nights. When the lease term exceeds one month, Regulation

fractions is effected by monthly.

Any delay in payment of rent may result in immediate termination of the contract and the payment of amounts due under this contract.

In case of delay in the arrival of the Host, the rent is due on or after arrival date of the contract.


In euros, taxes and charges included (water, electricity, gas, rental risk insurance), excluding taxes ..


This contract is part of one of the exemptions set out in section two of Act No. 89-462 of 6 July 1989 (furnished), it is not subject to the provisions of this Act, or to those provided by Law No. 48-1360 of September 1, 1948.

There is no implied right to renew the contract. Any request by the Host extension of stay, if it is accepted by THE PATRICIA, will be a new contract, without security of tenure and the price in the same apartment.



For stays of less than 30 days, the reservation is firm and final date of the communication by the client of a credit card number, expiration date + * + last 3 digits on the back.

For stays longer than 30 days, the reservation becomes final after the return of the lease signed and accompanied by a credit card number * + expiry date + last 3 digits on the back


In case of cancellation or modification of the stay, within seven days of stay of the day of arrival , the hotel reserves the right to load the first 2 nights.


THE PATRICIA chose to avoid working overbooked to ensure our guests booking their day and the type of apartment provided.

In the same spirit, we expect our guests as they warn us in advance as possible changes of their stay. Any change of residence must be in writing, the date of receipt will be the date of notification.

We accept the changes stay free of charge when it comes to a longer stay in the limits of physical availability of our inventory. In the case of an early departure, we accept the changes stay free of charge when the notification is received by us more than 30 days before the actual date of departure.

Otherwise, the fee will be calculated using the following formula:

(30 – (ddr-drn)) x daily rate. With ddr = actual departure date, drn = date of receipt of the notification.


THE PATRICIA make available to each host an apartment in perfect working order and clean. The Host should behave in this apartment to make it in the condition in which he found on his arrival ..

Any complaints regarding the operation, cleanliness or condition of the equipment and furniture of the apartment occurring more than 24 hours after taking possession of the premises will not be accepted. Upon request, an inventory is available to the host at the reception.

THE PATRICIA be entitled to claim to Host the total value of replacement cost items, furniture or equipment broken, cracked, chipped or damaged, the cost of cleaning bedspreads, sofa covers, cushions, and that compensation for damage to curtains, paint, plaster, wallpaper, ceilings, carpets, floors, windows, bedding, etc..

Repairs made necessary by the negligence or poor maintenance during the lease will be borne by the host.

In case of default by the Host of any of the obligations of this Agreement or conduct contrary to what is stated, THE PATRICIA will automatically terminate the lease without formality and without notice.


THE PATRICIA reserves the right to enter the apartment for reasons of maintenance, security or for a visit.


A credit card number * is provided by the host. The costs incurred by damage to the rented apartment or furniture or equipment assigned, and any costs of cleaning and other benefits due will be deducted from the card.

A default credit card, a cashed check or a cash payment in an amount providing rehabilitation.


As a lessor of furnished apartments, THE PATRICIA does not have custody of the property belonging to guests, either in apartments, car parks or public areas.